Marketing Your Home With a Top Rated Realtor Near Me

A street of modern homes houses in various colors to make a cozy neighborhood of prime real estate

Before you market your home, take time to determine its true market value. Overpricing can make your home seem less appealing to buyers. Consider pricing your home based on comparable sales in your neighborhood. This will make your home more marketable and increase its chance of attracting the most qualified buyers. A real estate agent can help you market your home to attract the highest ROI.

Choosing the right words for your listing description can make a huge difference. Instead of restating your home’s features, choose words that will pique the buyers’ interest. HomeLight’s experts have studied the effects of key words on the market and have developed guidelines for writing creative listing descriptions. Here are some suggestions:

Keep your home clean and accessible to prospective buyers. A home that is freshly painted will show better than one that hasn’t been painted in years. Adjust your appearance to reflect the price range and market value of your home. Paint is an inexpensive but effective way to make your home look better. Remember, first impressions are online – most buyers will find your property online before seeing it in person.

Marketing Your Home With a Top Rated Realtor Near Me
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